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Here are a few tips to how to be Vegas VIP simplified. Many people think Vegas is expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of ways to experience Vegas VIP without breaking the bank.

Vegas VIP Clubbing Do’s and Don’ts

When you know what you what to do, but don’t know how to do it – Vegas Club Guides is how to make the ‘What Happens in Vegas‘ actually happen. First and foremost, to be treated like a VIP, you must act like a VIP. Don’t drink out of a yardstick. Don’t slam that last cocktail after dinner, on the way out of the club, or even at brunch, as your group is waiting to leave. Leave half-empty glasses; it means you’re not worried about where the next drink is coming from. Acting like you own the place will help you get treated as such. To many, the holy grail of a weekend in Vegas seems to be getting into the Strip’s world-famous nightclubs. The good news? Unlike other club-centric destinations such as South Beach and LA, Vegas is somewhat of a democracy. If you’re patient, polite and follow the dress code, becoming a Vegas VIP is easy. Don’t worry. We got ya covered with the in’s and out’s of how-to party Vegas VIP style, simplified. If clubbing is your thing, Las Vegas will be your playground and Vegasclubguides.com will be your host to everything Las Vegas nightlife. We plan unforgettable parties. Its simple and what we do.

Dress Appropriately To Be A Vegas VIP

Some bars and clubs in Las Vegas are laid back and you can wear anything you like (i.e., places like Carnival Court at Harrah’s or the Rockhouse Bar and Nightclub at the Imperial Palace). However, many of the ultra lounges and upscale clubs–the ones with doormen–are likely to have dress codes.

Clothing like tennis shoes, shorts, tank tops, baseball caps and flip-flops are not acceptable, even if you are famous. If you don’t want to put on a suit or sexy dress, jeans are usually okay, as long as you wear them with style. This means collared shirts and dress shoes for men, and chic tops, jewelry and stilettos for women.

Vegas VIP Bottle Service

If you’re part of a large group and plan to stay in one nightclub for the evening, it will benefit you to make a reservation for bottle service. First off, this is an easy way to guarantee entrance to a club. You’ll even be able to skip the long line and go right in. Although bottle service is very expensive, if you split the cost among six to 10 people, the price drops significantly. Most tables are situated with easy access to the dance floor. Instead of standing in the crowd, you’ll be able to sit down whenever you get tired.

If you choose not to purchase Vegas VIP bottle service, early arrival highly suggested. Plus, if you want to save on the cost of cover charges as well as avoid long lines at the most popular clubs, go early. Most places don’t get going or charge admission until after 10 p.m. For instance, if you go to Mix Lounge atop THEhotel at Mandalay Bay around 6 p.m., you can get a drink and sit on a sofa near the balcony. When it’s 10 p.m., you’ll probably be asked to move to make room for VIPs and bottle service, but you won’t have to leave the club.

A Vegas VIP Always Tips Generously

In Las Vegas, tips make the town go round. Everyone you come into contact with is ripe for a tip, from the hosts to the cocktail servers and bartenders. It’s important to take care of the people who take care of you. Plus, good tipping will transform you from Average Joe status to a VIP.

Congratulations! You now know the Vegas VIP Clubbing Do’s and Don’ts of how to party Las Vegas nightlife. To find out about the best of Las Vegas VIP Day Clubbing and where to party during the day in Las Vegas, checkout our sister site – Vegaspartypools.com


Best Exclusive Club Party Memorial Weekend Saturday Nightlife in Vegas · Jidenna to perform Las Vegas Memorial Weekend on May 28th 2016 (Saturday) 10pm-4am at Moon and The View | Palms LV, 4321 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89103.

Vegas Memorial Weekend Saturday Nightlife

Celebrate Memorial Weekend Saturday May 28th at one of the coolest spots in Las Vegas with one of the rising stars of R&B as Jidenna plays host to the Memorial Weekend party at Moon & The View, a massive rooftop party unlike any other. Featuring some of the hottest DJs in Vegas and a performance from Jidenna, who scored a big hit with “Classic Man,” you’ll be 53 floors above Sin City at one of the most exclusive locations in Vegas. This is one party you don’t want to miss and one performance that will have you literally dancing on the ceiling. Secure your place on top of the “Moon.”

BUY TICKETS HERE to Memorial Weekend Saturday Party on the Moon with Classic Man Jidenna

Nightlife at Palms LV. The main room features a fantastic bar, lounge area and the dance floor. Over the dance floor is a retractable roof where you can view the actual moon while dancing the night away to a rotating mix of hip-hop, house and techno music from world renowned DJs.
In the back of the club there is an ultra lounge comprised of two rooms that share a bar. Here you can get bottle service and a table without interruption. For the biggest wow factor, reserve a table on the upper balcony of Moon; where even the sight of all the beautiful people pales in comparison to the stretch of Vegas lights. This type of atmosphere doesn’t come cheap. And it’s best to have VIP status to ensure quick entry and table.

Memorial Weekend Saturday · Moon at Palms LV · Venue Profile

The roof is retractable and opens up to provide a breathtaking view of the night sky as you drink and dance the night away. Perched atop the Palms Fantasy Tower, Moon provides a unique clubbing experience that’s truly out of this world.

Moon Nightclub at the Palms Casino Resort
Moon is a sexy, sultry penthouse nightclub with one of the most spectacular architectural features in Las Vegas – a massive, retractable roof that opens up to provide a mind-blowing view of the stars above, which has 9,333 square feet of space and accommodates 476.

Memorial Weekend Saturday · The View at Palms LV · Venue Profile

Located in the former Playboy Club space at the 53rd Floor of Palms Casino Resort Fantasy Tower, the View offers billiards in what comes off as part big-city lounge and part upscale rec room; breathtaking panoramas of the Las Vegas skyline.

The View at the Palms Casino Resort
As you enter, the spectacular Diamond Bar glitters in the light illuminated by incredible Philippe Starck baccarat crystal chandeliers. Dark wood, zebra-print fabrics, and leather couches set the tone in the lounge, which has 8,869 square feet of space and accommodates 475.

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