Sayers Club SLS Las Vegas

Sayers Club SLS Las Vegas

The Sayers Club, found within SLS Las Vegas, is the perfect blend of lounge and nightclub. An intimate setting furnished with vintage leather sofas, industrial accents, rich textures and deep hues, it breathes of elegance and class. Their relaxed, sophisticated atmosphere is a refreshing change of pace for those tiring of the crowded dance floors and blaring electronic music. It does not rely on light shows or repetitive beats, but rather, on raw, live music.

Sayers Club is one of the best live music venues where only the exclusive and beautiful clamor for a seat

Originating in Hollywood, The Sayers Club is renowned as one of the best live music venues where only the exclusive and beautiful clamor for a seat. Only slightly larger with 4,688 square feet (accommodating up to 250 people), The Sayers Club in Las Vegas intends to replicate their success. The venue is designed for optimal sound and an open space. Ideal for bottle service, clusters of tables and sofas fill the room, including luxe VIP tables and a large main bar that faces its iconic stage. Since their stage is complete with a back-line that can equip and amplify any act, the music heard inside the club can easily reach the beautiful outdoor patio that faces the Las Vegas Strip.

Sayers Club is the Las Vegas casual nightclub

Unlike most other nightclubs in Las Vegas, Sayers has a casual appeal. You can actually see where you’re going. If you get there early you may even score a table for a while before someone with bottle service shows up. And even if you don’t, there are plenty of couch backs to lean against or rest on. This isn’t a nightclub in the traditional sense. It’s a club that happens to be open most of the night. And for anyone looking to enjoy a night out with great music and a more real presentation of the city than most other establishments provide, Sayers Club also has an intriguing view of the intersection through the garage door. You can scope out the largest gift shop in the world across the street while relaxing to tunes and drinking with new friends.

If the classic clubs are still your style, LiFE is close enough to yell over to the hosts and ask for a table. But if you want something both humble and honorable, with music, image and poise, The Sayers Club at SLS is Las Vegas’ answer to whatever Hollywood feels like doing; and it’s our proof that we’re just as posh as any city in the world. The Sayers Club is located inside the SLS Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, 2535 S Las Vegas Blvd in Las Vegas, NV 89109.